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Rain Water Harvesting & Gardens


Rainwater harvesting is an excellent alternative water supply approach anyone can use.

Rainwater harvesting captures, and stores rainwater that can be used at a later time.  In the long run a rainwater harvesting system not only reduces the cost and demand on existing water supplies but also reduces water runoff, soil erosion and environmental stress.

Water stored in your rainwater harvesting system can be used to water the landscape or vegetable garden, sustain a water feature, provide wildlife and livestock watering, and fire protection.  A rainwater harvesting system consists of a catchment surface (For the vast majority of tank-based rainwater harvesting systems, the catchment area is the roof surface), conveyance system (basically gutters and downspouts), storage (underground cistern), distribution (this can range from a simple pump with cosset to an entire full automated drip irrigation system), and treatment.

Water collection done right.

A rain garden is a planted depression in the landscaping that collects and stores storm water runoff from roofs, driveways, walkways, parking lots, and compacted lawn. The storm water is stored in a rain garden until it can infiltrate into the soil.

The rain garden can be designed and customized for an individual or a neighborhood. By creating a landscaped rain garden it provides a natural habitat for plants, birds, butterflies and other insects and can be enjoyed year round.

The advantages of a rain garden help to prevent flooding and erosion and turn storm water issues into a water supply for use. It is easy to maintain and only requires a little time and energy. The storm water is reusable (for non-drinking purposes) and is suitable for irrigation; therefore, reducing the cost of water bills. A rain garden may help to meet township requirements when impervious surface coverage increased.

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