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Basement Flooding


Moisture and Water in the Basement …

A leaking basement can be an extremely frustrating problem; damaging costly flooring, furniture and electronics; followed by the terrible issue of mold! Damage keeps occurring and insurance companies keep paying until they stop; then what? Surprisingly the answer to how to stop a leaking basement isn’t all that complicated. Sure you can try to waterproof your basement and often that works, for a while. But a leaking basement often makes its expensive comeback. Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to correct what is causing the issue instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the wound?

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is sometimes necessary when grades are changed. Parging, or applying a masonry coat to concrete block or masonry surface and adding a water Erosion control serves to control erosion caused by water in construction but also in agriculture, land development, coastal areas and riverbanks. When effectively executed and maintained, this technique will prevent soil loss, property devaluation through loss, water pollution due to runoff and the loss of wildlife habitat. Typical erosion control consists of a physical barrier such as rocks or vegetation to act as a buffer for the water and absorb some of the force that is causing the soil to erode.

Window Wells

A window well is usually a rectangular, square or semi-circular shaped area that has been dug out on one or multiple sides of a house or building where a window close to the ground or in a basement is installed. Excavating the window well out allows more access to sunlight and fresh air allowing dry conditions.
Sometimes where drainage may have failed, or desired dry conditions are not being achieved; replacement, service or installation of drainage in existing window wells is necessary.

Sump Pumps

Sump pump solutions are used to prevent moist and wet areas or soured soil around the foundations of houses due to continual discharge of a sump pump. With a sump pump solution the water is redirected through buried pipes to open field areas away from lawns and flower beds. No effort or “winterizing” is required by the homeowner to operate this solution year round due to the winter proof construction.

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