How to fix foundation problems around your home.

Issues like foundation problems should be addressed as soon as possible when they are found.  Any issue that erodes the foundation can cause expensive damage, hence expensive repairs. Recently while landscaping a property in Chester County, PA rotting boards were discovered beneath a bay window.  These window bump-outs generally do not sit on the homes concrete foundation; they typically cantilever or hang off the house and have a wooden base.  To fix foundation problems at this residence we had to address the grade of the soil. The soil was sloped towards the house allowing the water to run directly to the house. The issue with the soil was that it was pressed up against the wood.  The wet soil rotted the boards under siding.  Once this happens water can seep into the house or basement and so can rodents or insects.  From mice to rat, insects and even snakes, these outdoor creatures often follow the trail of water into buildings.

How we fix foundation problems

Thankfully for this homeowner to fix the foundation problems, the damage was not major and he was able to have this repair done before the issue caused costly repairs. This picture show how to fix foundation problems when rotted boards are found at your homes base.  Here is what was done; once the rotted wood was removed we were able to regrade the landscape bed and install a wall of pressure treated wood leaving a breathable air space.  The air space ensures that this bay window area could breath. The pressure treated wood was then covered in decking material that matched their current deck. This solution to fix foundation problems not only corrected the issue of water seeping into the house but it also added aesthetic beauty and increased the property value.  

If you find that you have water entering your house or pooling up around your driveway, it’s best to act quickly so you can avoid costly repairs later. To speak with a drainage expert on how to correct these issues please contact us here!