Solutions for driveway runoff

People often ask us how to solve the problem of driveway water runoff or pooling.  As with most problems there are many factors to consider when you have a driveway that remains wet after a rainstorm.  Depending on the amount of water, size of the surface area and the reason for this problem occurring, your options for repair can be varied and sometimes expensive.  But what if the driveway runoff solutions to your problem could offer added beauty to your property and provide additional parking?  That is just what happened to a homeowner in Kennett Square, PA. Below is the story and photos so you can see for yourself just what the homeowner’s issue was and how we were able to correct it.

Driveway Runoff Solutions Implemented in Kennett Square, PA.

EcoDrainage Solutions was recently contacted by a homeowner who had water pooling on their driveway and they were looking for driveway runoff solutions.  Not only was it an eyesore but it certainly was not helping them keep their carpet and flooring clean either. Finding a creative solution to a problem takes not only thinking outside the box,  but also the willingness to listen to the homeowner to find out what their concern is and what they ultimately would like to accomplish with the area that has the issue.  In this case, they needed driveway runoff solutions.

Take a look at the photos and you can clearly see the marks where the water continued to pool.  After a discussion with the homeowner he mentioned that he would like to increase the parking area since we would be working on his driveway.  With that in mind we sculpted a swale in the side yard and built a low boulder retaining wall to act as an additional aid to redirect the water away from the driveway.

The final photo shows that with these driveway runoff solutions, the water no longer pools on the driveway and the homeowner now has a natural low boulder retaining wall that defines the driveway from the sloped lawn.

Sometimes with a little forethought and a creative designer, a problem can be turned into a thing of beauty for your property.  At EcoDrainage Solutions we love turning an obstacle into an opportunity and with this information; you may be able to do the same thing at your property.